Creative Labs

We are born as creators and we need to continue creating as we grow, expressing ourselves while discovering new possibilities and learning unlimited techniques, tools, methods and ways to create.

With background in arts and education, we want to share knowledge, experiences and ideas with people around the world, regardless of age and limitations when it comes to resources, language or social background. We want to inspire and get inspired in order to make our creative potential shine and share it with everyone! We are already planing creative activities to share the experiences of our trip to Peru, more info coming soon!

This is photo collage with images from past workshops, art and research projects were our team members Alexandra Angeletaki and Irene Domínguez have been working on during the last years in Norway in collaboration with other educational and research institutions and organizations like NTNU, NTNU IT, NTNU Gunnerus Library, Percro Lab in Pisa, Steiner School in Trondheim, Trondheim Public Library, etc.