Support Chief Marquinhos Xukuru

Hello everyone, we come here to invite you to learn more about the trajectory of life of the Indigenous Peoples of Pernambuco, Brazil.

But, especially speaking of the Xukuru people, who have been victims of a process of criminalization. This is a call for action to all of you who can contribute and share this information on what we’re living in Brazil. Come with us to add to this fight, and be part of this story. We have put together this media kit you can use on any social media. Please, share it as widely as you can.

The only thing Cacique Marcos has asked from us is to spread the words. It will let the Brazilian authorities know the world is watching.


 We are watching! Thank you for your support!

This media kit has been made possible as part of a Indigenous Collaboration Project with Chief Marcos Xukuru.
Text: Larissa Borges & Marc Thibault
Graphic Design: Irene DM @namtarucreations
Video editing: Lico Queiroz
Stock image and video: Ororuba Filmes
Image displayed under “5 years later, in 2003” by Compathos Foundation