WCU´s global network overview. Join us!

Norway: North Cultitude 6263 (Sweden-Norway), Folkeverkstedet Folkebiblioteket Trondheim (Norway), Transform Trondheim Int. Festival (Norway), Draug prods. (Norway), Letizia Jaccheri (Norway, Italy)

Europe: Trasformatorio AiR (Netherlands, Italy), Dyne Org (Netherlands, Italy), check

Latin America: Asociación Cultural Qu´Ente – Peru – Cultural Organization in Cusco, active with div. arrangements, performances, concerts and events.
Asociación La Restinga and Suyay Peru –  They help children and communities in risk providing care, attention, integration in society through activities and different programs, including art and creative workshops.

Russia: Taibola Assemble, Nikolai Dmitruk, Artic Art Forum, Parallel 60 Humanitarian Forum, all contact list from Khanty-Mansiysk, 

Community projects, organizations/associations, networks in Central and South-America:
Instituto Terra – Brazil (They have auditor reports about financial statements that might be helpful for us as a guide)
Regnskog – Rain Forest Organization with a special program about protecting uncontacted people in Peru

Community projects, organizations/associations, networks in Europe and Worldwide:
On the move – Funding opportunities for cultural mobility
The World Education Foundation – Oslo, Norway, the World
AYUDH – International youth wing of Embracing the World, a global network of charitable activties created by Amma (Mata Amritanandamayi)
Amalurra – Intentional community located in Bizcaia formed by people with collective aspirations and family-community commitment. Amalurra means Mother Earth in Euskera
Rooted Travels – An inspiring couple doing traveling tours


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