WCU´s global network overview. Join us!

Norway: North Cultitude 6263 (Sweden-Norway), Folkeverkstedet Folkebiblioteket Trondheim (Norway), Transform Trondheim Int. Festival (Norway), Draug prods. (Norway), Letizia Jaccheri (Norway, Italy), Språk og Kultur Festival Trondheim, NTNU Oceans, Trondheim Kommune, Trondheim Folkebiblioteket, Klimafestivalen Trondheim, Trondheim Gatekunst Festival, Body Mind Spirit Festival, Evolve Arena 

Europe: Trasformatorio AiR (Netherlands, Italy), Dyne Org (Netherlands, Italy), Triaba Producciones (Spain), Radio Forum Andalucia (Spain), Siddharte (Italy), Tribu Pachamama (Spain)

Latin America: Asociación Cultural Qu´Ente – Peru – Cultural Organization in Cusco, active with div. arrangements, performances, concerts and events.
Asociación La Restinga and Suyay Peru –  They help children and communities in risk providing care, attention, integration in society through activities and different programs, including art and creative workshops.

Russia: Taibola Assemble, Nikolai Dmitruk, Artic Art Forum, Interra Sibir, Ugra Museum of Nature and Man, Art. Russian Coachers Association

Community projects, organizations/associations, networks in Central and South-America:
Instituto Terra – Brazil (They have auditor reports about financial statements that might be helpful for us as a guide)
Regnskog – Rain Forest Organization with a special program about protecting uncontacted people in Peru

Community projects, organizations/associations, networks in Europe and Worldwide:
On the move – Funding opportunities for cultural mobility
The World Education Foundation – Oslo, Norway, the World
AYUDH – International youth wing of Embracing the World, a global network of charitable activties created by Amma (Mata Amritanandamayi)
Amalurra – Intentional community located in Bizcaia formed by people with collective aspirations and family-community commitment. Amalurra means Mother Earth in Euskera
Rooted Travels – An inspiring couple doing traveling tours


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