WCU shares global network, for all those interested in contacting people, organizations and institutions for different purposes. If you need any other contact in our main countries (Norway, Greece, Peru, Spain), please send us an e-mail.

Community projects, organizations/associations, networks in Peru:

Asociación Cultural Qu´Ente – Cultural Organization in Cusco, active with div. arrangements, performances, concerts and events.
Casa Sangapilla – A creative center for culture in San Martin region
Sachaqa Art Center – Artists In Residence and studios for rent
Asociación La Restinga –  La Restinga was founded in 1996 in Iquitos, Peru. They help children in risk providing care, attention, integration in society through activities and different programs, including art and creative workshops.
Asociación cultural Etsa – Nonprofit institution established in 2011. They work with cultural, educational and environmental activities for Masusa community in the district of Punchana in Peru.
Centro Selva – Central Peruvian jungle is a center that promotes projects of study, research and training in the areas of arts and sciences in the Central Amazon region of Peru.

Community projects, organizations/associations, networks in Central and South-America:
Red La Aldea – Search engine project, to find artists and cultural projects in Central America and the Caribbean.
Museo Yamana – Tierra del Fuego, Argentina
Agencia mexicana para el desarrollo – Mexico
Instituto Terra – Brazil (They have auditor reports about financial statements that might be helpful for us as a guide)
Regnskog – Rain Forest Organization with a special program about protecting uncontacted people in Peru

Community projects, organizations/associations, networks in Europe and Worldwide:
On the move – Funding opportunities for cultural mobility
The World Education Foundation – Oslo, Norway, the World
AYUDH – International youth wing of Embracing the World, a global network of charitable activties created by Amma (Mata Amritanandamayi)
Amalurra – Intentional community located in Bizcaia formed by people with collective aspirations and family-community commitment. Amalurra means Mother Earth in Euskera
Rooted Travels – An inspiring couple doing traveling tours


Virtual Library:
Indian cultures
Native Languages
Inti Wasi

“The Salts of the Earth” – a film about Sebastiao Salgado ́s life and Instituto Terra in Brazil
Culture Upluggded – a website for watching documentaries online
“One River”, by Wade Davis – available on Amazon
“The Three Halves of Ino Moxo”, by Cesar Calvo – available on Amazon
“The Magic of Findhorn”, by Paul Hawkin – available on Amazon
“The teachings of Don Juan” Carlos Castaneda – available on Amazon
“The Wizard of the Upper Amazon”, by Bruce Lamp – available on Amazon
“Med Jaguarens Kraft”, in norwegian, by Anders C. Krogh – available on Regnskog.no
“Dearest Waiki: Love letters to an Andean Mystic”, by Marilyn Markhan – available on Amazon
“Cusco, the Gateway of Wisdom”, by Diane Dunn – available on Amazon
“Cusco II, the Magic of the Munay-Ki”, by Diane Dunn – available on Amazon

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