How could we imagine that, during our stay in Wayku-Lamas community, we could witness the discovering of a virgin waterfall?waterfalltrip-54How lucky we were for being invited and guided by our friend Werlin Guerra Amaringo (ex-major of Wayku-Lamas) and Felipe Sangama, to explore the nature of their region. The exact location of this waterfall does not exist yet officially, as it remains virgin, but we show you where in the map were we: near by sector “El Chontal”, around 30min from Pamashto community, in the wildest and biggest peruvian region: San Martín. It is possible to arrive to Pamashto following this route from Tarapoto airport:
pablito-mapWe left from Lamas in the car of the right picture above and stopped on a road somewhere and started walking towards our destination, crossing different farmlands of cocoa, coffee, bananas, guanos, corn, beans, mangoes, mushrooms, wild flowers…


We met mother coca in their true essence and found beautiful species all along the green scenario. Our adventure was accompanied by Amazon rain, some fall and lots of fun. Even the heavy rain and the difficulties to walk with wet clothes in slippery paths were worth it.


We recorded a short video (coming soon) to present Pablito to the whole World and help our friends Werlin and Felipe to document and build an eco-tourism resort in this area! People interested to know how to get there please contact us!


Before and after our visit to the waterfall, we stopped at the farmland of Felipe´s parents, Pablito and Susanita. They live together with their nephew, their horse “Moro” and their chickens.


They received us with open arms while cooking food to share with us later.


They hosted us and kept us warm under their roof, serving and sharing an amazing and nutritious meal with delicious products from their own farm (corn, mangos, peanuts, banana bread, grilled and boiled banana, chicha (warm fermented corn drink), rice and beans). They even offered us a warm cup of coffee with their home brewed coffee beans.


We dedicate this blog to them, as well as to our guides, with infinite gratitude to them, beautiful people who live in pure simplicity and received us with a big smile and a open heart like part of their family, as we are.