Last November WCU was invited to participate at Artic Art Forum in the northern russian region of Arkhangelsk. Among the truly interesting presentations, talks, interactions and networking activities, we also visited the beautiful wooden village of Malye Korely, located in Primorsky district.

The traditional wooden architecture and design collected in this open air museum is fascinating. Witnessing this place during winter creates a truly strong impression, as it help us to understand how climate and weather conditions shape culture, history and traditions. The engineering and carpentry labour is so precise and accurate, showing the strong knowledge and skills from past generations and their relationship with the elements of nature. A perfect example and inspiration source for our contemporary concept of eco-village design.

Houses interiors are very well preserved and they keep decoration, arts and crafts, items and furniture as well. We also discovered the famous horse built by the talented artists of Taibola Assamble.

Traditional music, dances and performances are also part of the visitor experience in Malye Korely. The pictures we present here are only a small collection of all the photo documentation we collected during our visit.

Sharing the magic of this village during winter time now, while we look forward to visiting this incredible place during summer time too. Want to visit Malye Korely with us?