Let us present you Suyay Organization, a NGO working with health and education in Iquitos.
During our stay in Iquitos, we visited Suyay ONG , an organisation established in 2002 from the conviction that another world is possible. They work with fundraising in Spain and their center is located in Iquitos (Maynas district, Loreto municipality). Suyay focuses on developing projects focused on education and health.

“We, in Suyay, have adopted a quote from Galeano: Acting on reality and change, even if is just a little, is the way to demonstrate that the world is transformable.” Yolanda Guzmán. There are different forms to collaborate with Suyay ONG. Check them here
suyay-collage1Suyay is convinced that education is providing opportunities, it is to open doors for access to a dignified life and promote change and social justice. “Suyay wants to contribute, from its commitment to the poor and needy, to make education an integral and quality education accessible to all.”suyay-collage2Suyay consists of volunteers who carry out their work for free. All money raised by donations, partners and  activities aimed at raising funds, is fully invested in projects.suyay-collage3 suyay-collage4

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