The following images belong to Nicolas Prassinos´s personal archive. He is contributing to building the visual memory of this project sharing his memories and experiences with us.


2 thoughts on “NICOLAS PRASSINOS

  1. Message to Nicolas Prassinos. Yiasou filo mou. I was looking to contact you to see how you are doing as I came across old photos from NYC days and from Greece 1985. You look well in these website photos. I hope you can contact me so we can resume our friendship. I am doing well with my wife and kids and am still practicing Emergency Medicine in Connecticut. These jungle cultures look amazing. It would be nice to meet you soon. Email or call Cliff Schwartz 646-644-1960. Please also send your contact info. I don’t use Facebook or LinkedIn or those social media sites.

    1. dearest cliff sorry i didn’t come in contact all this time we are very busy with a project we are realizing and operating with the Peruvian consulate about ideas concepts within the intention of assisting culturally and with humanitarian projects the amazon

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