2018 is the year of action and creative collaboration with the talented russian artists of Taibola Assamble.

Thanks to our participation at Artic Art Forum in Arkhangelsk last year, we had the chance to meet, discuss ideas and decided to join forces together for future projects. Their Land Art=Land Mark concept matches with our ideas for sustainable “Art for a change” and we are active building bridges for projects to happen. The following images are some of the amazing sculptures built by Taibola in the last two years.

In partnership with Taibola, we already established new collaborations with: Transform International Music Festival  and Gatekunst Festivalen in Trondheim Norway – North Cultitude 6263 org and LAT63 Arena in Östersund, Sweden – Trasformatorio AiR, Dyne org and Siddharte in Sicily, Italy and Amsterdam, Netherlands.

This winter in Trondheim, we received the visit from Taibola Festival´s producer and PR Ilia and we met with the director of Transform Festival (Hill-Aina S.) and camera man (Sadique N.) to discuss ideas for our first art intervention at Transform Festival this year. We visited the municipal waste spot, where many wasted materials can be reused for the sculpture object. We will start building installations using recycled materials in September for Transform Int. Festival (October 2018).

Irene is also holding art workshops with recycled materials for the youth project “Transformers” (side project of Transform Festival), Trondheim Folkebiblioteket and Folkeverksted since February. Part of this project collaboration with Saupstad school will be exhibited during Gatekunst Festivalen (August 2018). These are pictures taken during workshops using expired dried food supplies for making mosaics.

In early March WCU presented the organization and the labour of Tabiola Assemble at North Cultitude Art dinner #6 event in Atelier Ilsvika in Trondheim, where we met really interesting artists, like Jukka from Malakta Art Factory in Finland. Ideas were born during this event and, in early April, we visited Andreas Brännlund, director of LAT63 and co-founder of North Cultitude 6263. He showed us Östersund and Frosö park, where we discussed ideas for future projects in this area together. Being at the main locations in different seasons help us to understand the environment and possibilities. It is truly important for us to observe the places, learn about the history and culture and speak with local organizations and other artists before elaborating the final pieces. Thanks to Andreas for being a wonderful host, guide and inspiration. We look forward to starting our first project together.

In late April-May we had our first active project as participants in Trasformatorio AiR, an experimental lab for Site Specific Arts in Sicily, Italy; with the collaboration of Siddharte org. The international team of mural artists was composed by Irene Domínguez from Namtaru Creations (co-founder of WCU), Ilya Kuzubov and Alexander Menukhov from Taibola. Our labour was really intense and rewarded by all the positive feedback and inspiring impact in the local inhabitants of Giampilieri Superiore, Sicily. Some of the images we produced were integrated in the ruins as frescos remembrance, a 40mts length lizard was painted in the school terrace and diverse walls in the village, bar and local shop:

For us, contributing to create environmental art projects is essential. The subjects painted were connected and related to the culture of the country and we produced several murals in our 10 days of residency period. Local and national press covered the intervention of all 35 international artists that gathered at this 4th edition of Trasformatorio. We are truly grateful for taking part in this wonderful project and for the municipality of Giampilieri, Giampilieri 2.0 org and Messina for everything they gave us.

More links to images and videos from Trasformatorio:

RadioStreet Messina – Gazzeta del Sud online – Namtaru Creations

NEW UPCOMING NEXT PROJECT IN MAY JUNE: WCU co-founder and artist Irene has been invited to join Taibola Assemble to create an installation art object for the largest world music festival in Russia: Wild Mint festival, located in Tula region and will follow up the russian team to Kenozero National park in Arkhangelsk for the creation of new art objects. These are very exciting news! The piece for Wild Mint festival is called “Queztalcoatl” and has been designed by Irene DM from Namtaru Creations. More info soon.