Interview with Pau Flores and Carlos García from Asociación La Restinga.

First of all, we dedicate this page to the living memory of Pau Flores, who passed away last December because of tuberculosis. From WCU, with a grateful for having had the opportunity to meet him, we feel very sorry for his loss and send to family and friends our deepest condolences. Thank you Pau for your inspiration and beautiful presence.


La Restinga La Restinga is a civil nonprofit association located in the city of Iquitos (Peru), founded in 1996 with the aim of promoting the reflection and basic care of a group of children at high social risk needs. The organization is formed by a group of people who dream to change situations of poverty and exclusion that exist in the Amazon.
Their mission: Transform with creative, playful interventions; the conditions of exclusion and poverty of the populations, both in marginal urban areas of the city, as some national reserves as of Allpahuayo Mishana.
Their vision:  At a certain time, the population, children, adolescents, women and indigenous Amazonian communities can empower themselves, to use certain tools to face life. Face social problems such as poverty there, malnutrition, lack of work, gender violence, and these problems are fundamental so that these people can have a decent life here in the Amazon.
Ongoing projects: We work on the Napo River, in an area of regional conservation Maijuna Quechua. We have created the first school, just like that, the first school of native bees, where young children from seven years to adults eighty years are inserted in this school where we give a format school as understood in the West.

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Their main objectives are:
– Strengthening the capacities of children and young people to enhance retention in school.
– Creating playful and creative to enhance the learning process spaces and develop the skills and social skills.
– Experiential education to internalize the norms and values that allow young exercise full and responsible citizenship.

Pau: For us, the Amazon is a place where not only people with social problems live, but also an environment where nature is a fundamental actor.

Carlos: Over the years, institutions evolved, projects evolved and now we are working on the issue of violence, political problems, issues of nutrition and education issues.

WCU supports their beautiful labour and mission with this page dedicated to them and with the video interview, which will be included in our first documentary film (editing ongoing).
La Restinga offers volunteering opportunities. Contact:                            La Restinga on Facebook 

Part of the text belongs to our interview with La Restinga and translated from La Restinga website – last 3 images (c) La Restinga.