Our first Work Away travel experience happened in South Spain. WCU board members met in Europe´s oldest city, Cádiz, where the legend of Hercules locates the end of the world and the myth of the great city of Atlantis bring so many anthropologists and researchers every year. Back in time this city was called Gades.

During our traveling week, apart from being busy with project writing and other office duties, we explored the cities of Sun together with our first Work Away guest, Ekaterina. Thank you!

Our stay in Seville was short, but enough to get a taste of this inspiring city full of history and incredible architecture.

We visited the ruins of Italica in Santiponce, the Royal Alcázares, Plaza de España, Maria Luisa park, Triana food market, Metropol parasol (known as “las setas”), walked around the narrow streets of Santa Cruz quarter (former jewish neighbourhood), old city center and biked by Guadalquivir river.

Traveling with local people makes a difference, specially when it comes to special places to visit, tasting local foods or visiting special events. We walked a lot, traveled to Cádiz city by ferry boat, visited the amazing gardens and giant trees in the parks, the castle of San Sebastián (former temple of Kronos), castle of Santa Catalina, bathed in the beach, contemplated warm sunsets and starred nights.


We also had a very intensive working meeting with the director of Cobertura Photo, a cultural and photo-space in the heart of Seville. We have applied for grants together and we hope one day in the future we can collaborate.

Want to join us and discover new places together? Contact us now! 🙂