Creativity, ideas, inspiration, co-creation. These are some of the keywords from our short trip to Arkhangelsk region in November 2017.

We started our journey in Novodvinsk, where we visited the workshop of the artist Nikolai Dmtruk, whom shared with us his creations, workshop pieces and artifacts collection. Recycled materials are his best trademark.

We explored the secret magic of the White Sea leaded by Ilia Kuzubov from Taibola Assemble and Valeria. It was fascinating to witness this landscape shaped by ice, snow, sand and trees, which create beautiful patterns and forms, transforming the beach into a while world.

Our last two days WCU participated at Artic Art Forum, where Anastasia Malafey presented Evolve Arena and our new project partners from Taibola Assemble shared their amazing “Land art=Land mark” project in Northern Norway and Northern Russia.

Our workshop took place the second day of the forum, after a previous visit to Maley Korely Open-air museum. It was truly inspiring to share our pilot journey in Peru with the participants previous to our active discussion panel, mapping and brainstorm session. We ended up with a lot of material that the young creative minds of Arkhangelsk will use in order to establish a co-working and co-creating spaces for future creative industries. We look forward to creating projects together.

Workshop results were presented as an action proposal to “Initiate”, an upcoming project launched by Letizia Jaccheri and Ilias O. Pappas, from the IT department at NTNU in Trondheim. This project is designed for the first semester of 2018 with Experts in Team student program at NTNU under the name “Sustainable Goals” and is supported by the European commission for Horizon 2020.

We dedicate this page to all forum participants and new project partners!