60th Parallel Forum

The end of November and beginning of December, WCU presented the organization and the volunteer labour during a workshop activity at the III International Humanitarian Forum “Civil Initiatives of the 60th Parallel Regions” in Kanthy-Mansiysk, Siberia (Russia).

The invitation came through Andreas Brännlund from North Cultitude 6263 organization. Thanks to Ole Tolstad for the video of the presentation and to the traveling companions and project partners Torodd Wigum, Ann-Maj Granstubb and Brit Dyrnes. Together, latitudes 62, 63 and 60 were able to connect and start formulating ideas towards future projects together.

Our first visit was to the center of Arts and crafts of Khanty-Mansiysk. Fascinated by the amazing high quality and beauty of the art pieces exhibited, we took some pictures as examples and inspiration that we share with you here.

We also visited the museum of Nature and Man, where we met the artist Vladislav Aleev and got to see his art projects. The museum is full of treasures and very special collected objects from the past, like mamuts, fosiles, etc.

Another amazing place was the museum of the swedish artists at the Soviet Union V.A. Igoshev; with an incredible serie of portraits of indigenous people and costumes. The temporary exhibition contained a very interesting project for children from indigenous communities which use visual narratives to present themselves and their culture.

We were surprised by musicians with a concert performance, the video art of Vladimir Bugaev and a short introduction to the indigenous story by an historian and shaman from the region. From one museum to another, we visited the art museum and the incredible ceramics and wooden sculptures of the talented artist василиса портнова. 

The presentation at the Forum with an audience of more than 700 persons received a very positive feedback. Irene was invited to participate and hold a workshops about cultural volunteering and how to build profiles to build networks were successful and product of engaged collaboration with NC 6263. Thanks to Elena Goinova and Elena Bobrovskaya for arranging the activities.

New connections were made for future projects and collaborations, an incredible forum clausure with super high professional musicians, dancers, performers, singers and scenography gave us an unforgettable experience.

We came back to Norway with warm hearts, lots of inspirations and ideas, new friends and networks, beautiful memories and getting ready to get back next year to start our collaborations.

This post is dedicated to Elena Suhova and all forum organizers, participants, volunteers… Thanks to Yana Dubeykovskaya for her assistance, for being our moderator at “Conference of ideas” and for her inspiring projects World Communication Forum Association and Women Influence Community Forum. Together we Travel for a Change!