During our second travel to Peru we met our friend Gustavo Fernández, a contemporary artist and architect from Cusco. Thanks to Gustavo, we discovered the roads of the southern region of Cusco and visited the small villages which are famous for their bakery traditions, offering different sorts of bread, empanadas, cakes and other sweets.

Oropesa, Huaro and Lucre (Quispicanchi) are the districs we portrayed in these pictures. This visual trip is full of colors, smells, sun, tastes, storytelling, good laughs and friendship. Traveling local gives you this magic opportunity to discover remote places while sharing with new people!

Something truly enchanting about Cusco region are the doors and windows, a fantastic mirror of age and lifetime in society. The beauty is found in the old pigments, the cracked walls and wooden plates, colors and textures.

Sacred Valley is much more than most of tourists know about. Thanks to people, we keep creating experiences together. Travel with us: worldculturesunited@gmail.com