During our stay in beautiful Cusco, we organized a one day journey around the Sacred Valley of the Incas. sacred valley 1

We are planing to come back in a near future to continue discovering these regions as they are full of wonders and amazing places to discover.

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We enjoyed the road trip with different stops included in our Sacred Valley ticket, which you can find here, among other sustainable options for travel here.

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We left Cusco and arrived to the valley of Urubamba in approximately one hour. A short stop to enjoy the amazing mountains and the magical landscapes before we continued the trip to Pisac, where we visited the ruins and appreciated the incredible landscapes all around.

sacred valley 9


It was possible to appreciate the holes in the mountains, which used to be graves that the spanish conquistadores stalked in their mad search for gold and silver in the valley.

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sacred valley 13From Pisac we continued our trip towards Ollantaytambo, royal state of the King Pachakuteq where we contemplated the unfinished Temple of the Sun, a powerful construction. On our way we stopped at one small village and visited the arts and crafts market, full of amazing arts, colors, patterns and textures!

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We could observe the face of the great Inca God Viracocha formed in the mountain. One of the names of this god was Kon-Tiki, well known for being the name of the famous Thor Heyerdal´s expedition.

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We stopped on the way to eat at a very touristic and yet traditional restaurant with traditional peruvian live music before we continued our trip towards the terraces of Moray, while the Sun was slowly hiding behind the high mountains. There we offered coca leaves and meditated together with our guide. It felt truly special to be in the middle of such a perfect creation. We felt a very special energy in this place. Here, rituals to the Pacha Mama are still performed, where thousands of years ago, agriculture pioners from the Inca empire using this natural lab for cultivating.



After Moray, it was already dark and cold. We started our way back to Cusco stopping at Chinchero to visit the Weaving Cooperative where the talented and dedicated women were performing and selling their beautiful and labored alpaca products. And you understand why alpaca is so important in Cusco, specially when the Sun goes down and the temperatures change radically.  A wonderful full day of adventurous discoveries we wish to repeat! 🙂

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