Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu can´t be described with words and it is in danger due to irresponsible exploitation. Continue reading to find more information about sustainable ways to get there.
The journey to Sacred Machu Picchu started and ended with hours of queue to enter and leave the place. Massive tourism and politics are damaging. Read more about UNESCO´s World Heritage manual for World Heritage site managers and check

If you want to visit Machu Picchu and at the same time interested about sustainable tourism, we recommend you to read this article. There is local agencies offering sustainable travels to this place, using Fair Trade adventures, like Sumak Suatanable Travel. We encourage everyone who wants to explore Peru to check all sustainable options that can support and help communities in need.

Machu Picchu 7No matter how many pictures you can find about this place out there, being there one can feel how the energy vibrates in every stone, mixing with the clouds.Machu Picchu 6

Machu Picchu 5Regardless the commercialism and touristic exploitation, Machu Picchu remains as one of the most fascinating constructions built by mankind (UNESCO World Heritage site since 1983). An engineering and architectonic masterpiece. The name belongs to the neighbour mountain (it is the modern name for Ilaqta, meaning “Old peak”.Machu Picchu 8

machupicchu-6To come to Machu Picchu we booked our trip at Inka Trail and took the Inka Rail, since our stay in Cusco was short. We would love to come back and walk the whole pilgrim path that the Inka Trail takes to come to this place (we will do it someday). The whole trip was truly beautiful, following Urumbamba river and enjoying the high mountains and the magical landscape. machupicchu-35

machupicchu-40This magical city was built before the XV Century during the empire of Pachakuti /Pachakutek. Thankfully, the location was unkown by the spanish conquistadores during the colonial period.machupicchu-46

machupicchu-29It is challenging to imagine how they were capable of building this place, stone by stone, on the top of a mountain. machupicchu-36

machupicchu-41The journey to Machu Picchu is a real experience. It is like coming to another world, where time becomes timeless and the dramatic landscape makes you dream of another civilization beyond time and space. We had time to interact with the true inhabitants of these high mountains (or Apus, mountain gods/spirits), the lamas! 🙂Machu Picchu 4

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Machu Picchu 2

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