Letters to the World at Mosaic Festival

Presenting WCU labour and creating together inspired by the Quipus knot-code system from the Incas.On April 16th in the norwegian city of Trondheim, we presented Quipus workshop event , World Cultures United platform video introduction and labour through creativity, in collaboration with Mosaic Festival.  We were very happy for being invited to share the space with Brazil group. Thanks to Mosaic Festival organization, Brazil crew and visitors for the good vibes, dance and tribal music! 🙂

About Quipus
Quipus or knot-record was a method used by the Incas and other ancient Andean cultures to keep records and communicate information (keeping count of numbers of days, events, or objects.) More information: Quipus Wikipedia.

Learn the alphabetical method we present and write your letters with this video

Follow the description to learn how you can create your own message using our translation of the counting system into the Alphabet (based on the latin alphabet). It is an activity and labour for all ages, where we can unite, share time, ancient knowledge and creativity.

During the workshop we used different kind of threads and colors, prepare different measures and a method/code of tying knots. Here are pictures of the letters made by all participants to this event, as part of Mosaic Festival .

Images of the workshop preparation with information, flyers, posters and items we brought from our journey to amazing Peru.