TRANSFORMERS project was the 2nd biggest collaboration of 2018 between Namtaru Creations and Taibola Assemble resulted in Art installations for Transform Int. Festival in Trondheim

In a couple of weeks, the working team, leaded by Irene D.M. from Namtaru Creations, together with the main 4 formers of Taibola Assemble, builded art installations with the main goal of reusing and thinking environmental friendly with a creative mind. The working process consisted in many different steps, from meetings and concept design since the beginning of the year, grant applications, traveling, visiting spaces and gathering the materials at the garbage and other containers to building and creating the different pieces “Fishermen with boat”, “Polar bear with baby” and “Plastic whale”. We were challenged by cold and rainy days at our temporary workshop space at Kjøpmannsgata Ung Kunst (thanks to Cathrine Hovdahl) and received help and support from friends and other organizations and companies to make this magical project happen (see list below). Part of the concept about this project is to collaborate and reuse Art for a Change, considering clima, environmental impact and keeping production budget low. Therefore, the sculptures were reinstalled after the festival finished at Væres venner Felleshage, an urban garden located in Ranheim, Trondheim, where they can be visited.

Thanks to all our partners, sponsors and friends (in random order): Transform Int. Festivalen K-U-K, Østerlie Kunst og Farve, XL Bygg Gunnar og Strøm Lade and Gunnar/Roy, Trondheim Gatekunst Festival  and Andrea, Trykkpartner, Retura Trondheim, NTNU Oceans and Maria Azucena, Væres Venner Felleshage and Daniela, Ivar Løften, Steinar Myraune, Maria & Jan, Stina and Sigbjørn, Aleka Angeletaki, Sarbyjot…