Letters to the World in Madrid

On september 23th and 24th we traveled to Madrid to present WCU labour through our creative lab project “Letters to the World”. 

This activity is a proposal that WCU and SUYAY ONGD have developed together in collaboration with Asociación vecinal y Huerto urbano La Ventilla, Centro de Rehabilitación laboral “Retiro”, de la Línea de Rehabilitación Psicosocial de las Hermanas Hospitalarias and Educadores de Calle fin de semana, de la Junta Municipal de Tetuán.

We were hosted by Suyay ONGD and our creative lab opened the doors of the urban eco-garden La Ventilla on Friday morning. During these two days of activities we received participants from different backgrounds and social profiles which easily engaged themselves in the creative learning activities presented. We created letters to the World and collected more than 30 messages to share with our next workshop participants worldwide.

The activity program for Friday included our creative lab project, an urban intervention with children (cleaning and planting trees and flowers), an evening session presenting Suyay and WCU labour at the co-working space Espacio Geranios. On Saturday we received more than 20 participants at the creative lab, learned about aromatic plants during a workshop and ended the program with a yoga class.

How this collaboration happened:

WCU contacted SUYAY ONGD in Madrid after our trip to Peru, where we visited SUYAY ONGD community in Iquitos, where the main leader lives permanently developing projects for education, health and sustainability in small communities with lack of resources.

During our visit, we made a video interview and a web page profile dedicated to their labour, in order to use our platform to present and share information about their community and all the help they are providing to local society.

After, we presented the Creative Lab concept to the organization in Madrid and communicated with Javier, which has been our main contact during the whole process. He brought the idea of collaboration with the Neighbour Association and Urban-garden “La Ventilla”, as well as with the Psychosocial Rehabilitation Center “Hermanas Hospitalarias” and Educators Calle de fin de semana from the Municipal distric of Tetuán.