The healing powers of Nature. The Peruvian Amazon is a huge “pharmacy”.

At the market in Iquitos you can find all kind of diverse and rare products. Roots, herbs, plants, leaves, trees, seeds and fruits of all kind are found in these wild regions. All your body needs can be found here, with no need for pharma, chemicals and industrialized products. These ancient cultures still keep the knowledge of nature medicine with respect and gratitude.




Among the diversity of roots and plants we portrayed in these pictures, we want to offer a list of sacred spirit plants we received from Nicolas Prassinos and the helping hand of the hungarian researcher we met in the jungle, Laszlo Bartha:

Ajo sacha – Chiric sanango – Jergón sacha – Bellaco caspi – Sangre de grado – Copaiba Chuchuasa – Ipururo – Abutilla – Tabebuia (also known as Palo de arco) – Oje  – Achiote Cocobolo Itininga – Cordoncillo negro – Renaco – Yahuar piri piri – Icoja – Ipuroro – Chacruna (yage) Ayahuasca (which is a vine) – Abuta – Bobinsana – Ina yunga




Nicolas Prassinos points to the fact that the use of these plants extracts without full experience and knowledge and understanding the effects can be dangerous.


For those interested in learning about this subject, we recommend some books (visit inspiration page for more):

  • “The Amazon Jungle Medicine” by Manuel Cordova-Ríos
  • “One River: Explorations and Discoveries in the Amazon Rain Forest” by Wade Davis