WCU The beginning

Welcome to World Cultures United!

We want to invite you to create experiences together and follow us to our first big project to Peru in October 2015.We will start with a very special travel to do a documentary. This adventure will take us to different regions and places to discover possibilities for further projects to come…
Joins us on our journey and contact us if you want to know more! 🙂

TARAPOTO PROJECT – Building a Center

A “wake up call”, sharing a dream, the inspiration to join in the creation of something big:
People use to describe the magic of connections as “casualties/coincidences”. The truth for us is that there is not such thing as casualty or coincidence but an invisible energy that is connecting us through the same net and making the connections happen when our goals and hearts are alienated.
This is how World Cultures United was born and this is how the story of our trip is just the beginning of a bigger project yet to be constructed.
Last Autumn 2014 Irene felt this “wake up call” from the jungle in which she has never been (yet) and through her project partner Alexandra Angeletaki (archaeologist, librarian, inspiration and arktivist) she got in contact with Nicolas Prassinos, whom will be guiding us in this trip.
Nicolas dream about moving back to the jungle and create a place to share in community and with the entire world, to experience the gifts that this land has to offer, with love and care for nature and the inhabitants living here.
He has been offered a big piece of land in Tarapoto (province of San Martin) and is going to take us there to share with us the place in which he wants to create a center that can offer different possibilities for tourists, researchers, local people, visitors…
The first question: what kind of center can we build in a place we haven´t visited yet?
Well, all that we have heard, seen and visualized from the far away distance seems to lead us to a land of possibilities in which a center of interpretation, research, culture and creativity can be build. Our documentary project wants to offer a “case of study” for researchers, institutions and organizations that can see the potential in this place and the possibilities for starting the construction with the most environmental friendly resources, using technology and creating research programs as well as local employment to help with the process.
The second question: and how are we going to build such a place, how can we contribute?
That´s why  we are doing this travel in October, in order to collect all possible documentation to create a visual documentary that can show different aspects of the travel, culture, nature, society and encounters with local people and institutions willing to open their doors for collaboration.
We are creating a crowdfounding campaign to make this journey possible and we are very thankful if you want to contribute in helping us with the financing of this travel.
We will credit all contributors in this project and your names will appear in all the different art pieces/products/documents that we will create and present.


Activities, workshops, seminars,  presentations
We are willing to collect all graphic, visual and recorded material, edited and processed into info/files/images/videos/audios and other documents after our travel.
We are planning to prepare activities such as art workshops, talks and seminars to present our work in progress and inspire people to share our journey.
We consider that it is very important to share our experience and memories collected in our project in order to create a platform in which we can exchange culture and knowledge in a global level. In this way we aim to inspire and create a flow movement that can offer support finding networks, resources and possibilities to help local communities to maintain their legacy, preserve their natural resources and grow with health and hope for a better future.