Darren Steiner


He is Darren Steiner, 37 years old, from Canada. We met him during our stay with the Huitoto-Muroy tribe in the peruvian Amazon jungle. He was spending the last months of his 1 year healing retreat with ayahuasca and plant medicines in Peru.

Darren is such an inspiring soul and brave person! He shared his story with us and we did a video interview with him that we recommend to everyone! Watch it here:

We are also very happy to announce that he will be our representative in Canada at Spirit Plant Medicine conference in Vancouver, Canada, next October 2016. We are looking forward to collaborating with him!




Thank you Darren for your inspiration! Keep inspiring the World with your life story! 🙂

7 thoughts on “Darren Steiner

  1. I grew up with Darren’s older brother and I remember all the stories about how much of a “bad” person he was. I very happy for Darren and I wish him the best. Keep up the great work in achieving your goals Darren, you’re worth it.

  2. WOW Darren…amazing story, and I am so very grateful that you found this healing. I didn’t know you well, but you knew my ex-husband Brad MacLean….and I remember when I first met you, I said to him that you seemed so very angry, yet so sad. Living with Mental Illness and growing up with an alcoholic parent, would just be such a nuclear explosion waiting to go off. I know first hand what it is like to live with an alcoholic parent and to come through that whole and on the right side of things is a huge feat in itself. I am so very proud of you for finding what worked for you and the healing that you so much deserved to have. Your family and friends will be eternally grateful that you are well and on such a good path for yourself.

  3. Incredible story Darren. I’ve always known you’re a shining star and am very happy to hear that you now see it within yourself. All the very best on your continued journey. Hugs, Jaime B

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