Darren Steiner


He is Darren Steiner, 37 years old, from Canada. We met him during our stay with the Huitoto-Muroy tribe in the peruvian Amazon jungle. He was spending the last months of his 1 year healing retreat with ayahuasca and plant medicines in Peru.

Darren is such an inspiring soul and brave person! He shared his story with us and we did a video interview with him that we recommend to everyone! Watch it here:

We are also very happy to announce that he will be our representative in Canada at Spirit Plant Medicine conference in Vancouver, Canada, next October 2016. We are looking forward to collaborating with him!




Thank you Darren for your inspiration! Keep inspiring the World with your life story! 🙂

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Freelance artist, photographer, illustrator, designer, workshop artist. Co-Founder of World Cultures United.

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