First creative workshop with children

WCU is sharing and creating experiences together with children! Today in Cádiz (Spain) we had a workshop at the Int. Yoga School with Irene DM and Pepe Barea Caballero from Movimiento Sol y Luna. We have traveled to the peruvian Amazon jungle “on a rocket”, we rowed down the Amazon river, rolled over logs and crossed a river with alligators, we have cut logs and made a fire. We have found jungle animals, climbed trees, bathed under a waterfall, drank coconut water and ate bananas. We got lost, entered a cave and found a secret map to the Witotos tribe. We visited them and learned about their culture with Mariano grandfather, who spoke Quechua to us!
We have learned about plants, seeds, fruits and how to make colors to paint using plants and minerals. We have danced and sung with maracas and thoroughly enjoyed an unforgettable adventure. 🙂 If you are interested in organizing creative workshop experiences, contact us:


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